What is Attractive? What is Not?


To Ignore is Willful Blindness.

Given what you/ your client already owns within a portfolio, should  one own more of a particular asset class? Or less? What is attractive and what is not?

The great Bard did say: “For, as a surfeit of the sweetest things, The deepest loathing to the stomach brings”

The most consequential, and often best decisions, are those that are made at the margin. However marginal decomposition, on a forward- not backward -looking basis within portfolios is easier said than done. While there is much written in the academic literature, one is often hard pressed to arrive at fact based decisions at the moment of making investing calls.

In the past such was often relegated to opinion, conjecture and gut feel.

Not anymore. ActiveAllocator calculates it for you in 15-20 seconds.






ActiveAllocator Leads WealthTech Evolution in Multiple Areas


We recently bench-marked ActiveAllocator on multiple dimensions with other industry participants. Being just a year old, some exceed us when it comes to organizational maturity, investor and customer traction, and a few other areas.  We however surpassed most others in IP development, innovation, personalization, multi-asset/class portfolio construction, investing smarts, technology stack…..