Allocating to Activist and M&A Hedge Funds

ActiveAllocator, is pleased to share with you our latest research piece ” M&A and Activist Hedge Funds”. Given our unique vantage point we see trades, that such firms do. These secretive funds have long been subject of folklore . Preserving confidentiality , we introduce here the ‘anatomy’ of how such deals get played out. In future we also hope to show you 30-40 case studies

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Conceptual Approach to Intra-hedgefund Strategies Allocation

ActiveAllocator is pleased to share with you our latest research piece ” Intra hedge fund asset allocation framework”. We explain how one may intelligently choose from +20 hedge fund sub-strategies, sift jargon, and combine in the right amounts to meet specific asset allocation objectives, through correct portfolio construction

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M&A Arbitrage – How to Get it Right

ActiveAllocator allocates to major hedge fund strategies and their sub-types including Merger Arbitrage. Given the wide dispersion in returns in M&A funds we believe that hedging the time period deal risk is integral to both profitable trade as well as helpful for diligence. We present the anatomy of the M&A trade by drawing attention to the ‘Collar’ and reconstructing it from first principles.


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ActiveAllocator “summarizes” the imminent Aramco IPO


ActiveAllocator summarizes the imminent Aramco IPO- soon to become the world’s most valuable company. We touch upon the offering, the firm’s vision, status, synergies between its upstream-downstream business, competitive strengths, risks to investing and general prospects.

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Disclosure: Inputs sourced from internet searches, offering docs, conversations. Shares are not offered in the USA and some other countries. This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to sell any securities.