ActiveAllocator Highlights Summarized Conclusions of Inter Sovereign Wealth Funds 2021 dialogues

This year we were pleased to convene a series of conference calls, surveys and promoted serious deliberations across policy makers, representatives from Ministries of Finance, academics and multiple Government and Sovereign Wealth Funds. This led to rich nuanced dialogue, encouraged introspection and self-assessment, and hopefully when put to action will help formulate improved best practices. I have sanitized specifics and am delighted to provide a peek into salient takeaways.

SWFs to Revisit Mission Statement
SWFs to Re-examine Charter
SWFs to Revisit Objectives
SWFs to Re-examine Established Investment Guidelines
SWFs to Re-examine Established Investment Process
SWFs to Improve Monitoring and Reporting Functions
SWFs to Re-examine Manager Investment Mandates
SWFs to Re-examine External Manager Selection Criteria
SWFs to Re-examine External Manager Monitoring
SWFs to Revisit Role of the Benchmark
SWFs to Re-examine Post Covid-19 Benefits & Concerns
SWFs to Improve Risk Management Function
SWFs to Revisit Build Inhouse or Outsource Decisions