Climate Change, Government and Role of Banks

2- role of banks

The Economist June 20, 2020 article is an interesting one “How much can financiers do about climate change?”.

Having been a banker on Wall Street in a previous life, I have been giving this matter some thought. Here are some ideas where I see banks play an important role in supporting government climate and environmental policy.


Critical Climate Vulnerabilities of Developing Countries


ActiveAllocator Research – I came across an informative BBC article ‘Who is really to blame for climate change?” by Jocelyn Timperley 18th June 2020. I for one am much more concerned with climate vulnerabilities of developing countries. In ordering my thoughts many critical vulnerabilities come to mind including geographic exposure, low incomes and greater reliance on climate sensitive sectors. Dependence on agriculture, poor health infrastructure, inadequate water related infra, a growing urban populations, poor public services and underdeveloped financial markets further exacerbate the issue.