Infrastructure Funds Buy Leasing Rights for Abu Dhabi Pipelines in $10 Billion Deal

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WSJ June 24, 2020 article “AbuDhabi Gets $10 Billion Deal”

We see this infrastructure deal as midstream transportation and hydrocarbon handling and transportation. It is a typical gas  pipeline deal that uses a “toll-road” or “fee-for-service” business model to handle, process, and trans-port oil, gas, gas liquids, and refined products.

Eventual $1 Trillion Infrastructure Proposal to Add to Economic Revival

#ActiveAllocator Research – WSJ Wed, June 17, 2020, B11  today has a piece “Construction Shares Leap Amid Optimism On Infrastructure Bill”. While President Trump has long called on Congress to allocate big to infrastructure in coronavirus aid relief packages we remain pessimistic that such a bill will be passed in 2020. Infrastructure as a sector can absorb huge amounts of capital, can  facilitate the growth of businesses, promote trade and enhances economic welfare by improving access to vital resources.

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