Demographics Effect on Western Europe Pensions

Europe is aging and becoming a greyer society.  By 2050, European Union will face a significant change in age structure with higher dependent population due to increasing life expectancy. Demographics are intrinsically linked with public policy and the European growth agenda. The way a government manages national resources and exercises choices is also driven by demographics. As a result of aging populations, government budgets will come under severe strain – impacting investments in economic productivity building inputs such as education & training and infrastructure. The prospects of fiscally over-whelming pension and healthcare budgets make demographics a strategic issue. The pensions gap solution is simple – decrease liabilities and/ or increase assets. However, there is a distinction between solutions: public-policy and finance – and these we highlight in this report.

Protectionism for M&A Assets in U.S. to Increase in Coronacrisis

The United States has been open – that’s changing now. The Exon-Florio Amendment, adopted in 1988, sets forth the process for reviewing certain mergers, acquisitions and takeovers by non-U.S. persons of U.S.-located businesses. This is likely to be revised and strengthened amidst fears of foreign governments buying critical U.S. assets on the cheap. The discussions on foreign control have morphed into a debate over sovereign wealth funds activity in the United States.

1. protectionism to increase

Infrastructure – Recommendations to Government

ActiveAllocator analyzes portfolios and tells you exactly how much, if at all, you ought to allocate to the infrastructure asset class. We also advise national and government investment funds on public policy and investment issues surrounding infrastructure (inter alia). In this deck we share our general thoughts, as well as append one of the early white papers written by yours truly when I worked on Wall Street. I am told by practitioners, it is one of the better pieces on this topic, has had great shelf life and I certainly hope you find it useful.

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